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Cost of Living

Cost of Living 

New Zealand is an affordable study destination, with a high standard of living. You should allow approximately NZ$15,000 per year or NZ$1,250 per month for living costs.

International students can work part-time, up to 20 hours a week, to help finance study and living expenses. Full details of your student visa is available on the New Zealand Immigration Service website.


Below you will find an estimation of what your expenses may look like for housing, transportation, food, and more. The living costs in New Zealand will depend very much on where you settle in, so we recommend our students to use the information below as a rough estimation. 

To find out what your expenses may look like based on location, students can use a calculator offered by the New Zealand Immigration.

Big Mac
Bottle of Wine
$8 - $30
Milk - 2 litres
$3.30 - $4.50
Coffee from a cafe
$200 - $250 / week
Bus ticket
$2 - $10
Car registration
$90 / year
Mobile phone plan
$19 - $80 / month
Internet - Fibre 80 GB
$70 / month
Recreation and Culture
Gym membership
$7 - $22 / week
Cinema ticket
$10 - $20
Swimming pool entry
$3 - $6

Source: New Zealand Immigration

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