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Why choose NZMA?

General information

NZMA are part of Up Education and are ranked as a Category 1 provider on NZQA’s EER rating, which is the best rating possible for providers.

NZMA management

NZMA is part of Up Education and is ranked a Category 1 provider by NZQA – which is their highest rating.

Fee protection

NZMA operates under the strict NZQA student fee protection policy as required by the New Zealand Government. Student fees are protected in the unlikely event that NZMA is unable to deliver a student’s tuition.

NZQA quality commitment

At NZMA we are committed to offering quality learning. We are ranked as a Category 1 provider on NZQA’s EER rating which is the best rating possible for providers.

This means that we are on the highest tier of private tertiary educators and operate under a four year NZQA External Evaluation and Review (EER) cycle. NZMA’s most recent EER was in 2022, where we retained our Category 1 status.

Click here to read the full report.

NZMA’s 2023 Code of Practice Self-review document

Governance and management

The Executive Team and Board are responsible for the governance of the organisation. The Board meets monthly to:

  • Discuss NZMA’s strategic direction

  • Review financial performance

  • Determine business objectives

  • Select management to operationalise policies and objectives

The Senior Management Team (comprised of the Chief Executive and Directors) communicates daily, and takes care of the on-going operations of the business.

Complaints procedure

The School/College has a set procedure to resolve complaints. 

If the complaint is unable to be resolved satisfactorily within the School/College it can be taken to the Campus Principal/Manager. 

Full details can be found in the student handbook. If it is still not resolved then the complaint can be taken to NZQA. NZQA is a government organisation and they can provide an independent assessment of the complaint. Students can click here to complete an online complaint form through NZQA.

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