Daejarn gains the confidence to make a career change

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Daejarn Heta - NZMA - Profile photo

Māori student from the Upper North of New Zealand, Daejarn Heta, comes from a long line of tradies.

After working in traffic management for years, at the age of 18, Daejarn decided to define her own path in hospitality with NZMA.

When Daejarn began her studies, she was shy and soft-spoken. The welcoming environment at NZMA encouraged Daejarn to come out of her shell and adjust to Auckland living.

Now with a Level 4 Certificate in Hospitality (Restaurant Service) under her belt, Daejarn has taken her hospitality skills back home, opening a food store business with her family. She says her job allows her to do what she loves, spend time with whānau, and enjoy the great outdoors of the far North.

Reflecting on the last few years, Daejarn says she’s incredibly proud of herself for taking the leap of faith and upskilling in an unfamiliar sector.

When asked what education means to her, Daejarn said for her it’s not about money – it’s about purpose, being a good example for her daughter, and making her whakapapa proud.

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