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Everyone wants their child or family member to succeed.

By studying at NZMA, your loved one is making a giant leap towards a bright, successful future. The journey will be exciting, rewarding – and sometimes very challenging. With your support and understanding, they will have the best chance of success.

Still have some niggling questions?  Read on…

How much does it cost to study at NZMA?

Courses vary, please contact NZMA for more details.

Can NZMA help students apply for their student loans?

Yes! Our helpful Student Enrolment Advisors will support and guide students through the loan application process.

Do students have to pay for textbooks, or are they included in the course fees?

Text books are not included, students must purchase them.

Do they have to pay extra for the uniform?

Most of the uniform is included in the course and resource fees, however students will need their own business shirt and black shoes.

Do students have to pay to use the computers on campus? Is there WIFI?

There are computer suites and free WIFI at all NZMA campuses.

Should students buy a laptop?

Though useful, laptops are definitely not compulsory.   There are computer suites on campus, so even if students don’t have a laptop or computer at home, they’ll be able to get their required work done.

How long is the semester?

Generally 20 weeks, depending on which course you are taking.

What time does class start and finish?

This is different for each course and each campus, please check with our Student Enrolment Advisor.

How many hours should be spent studying outside of class?

Every course is different, and some weeks of the course there’ll be less extra work than others, depending on when assessments and assignments are due. In general though, around one or two hours of extra study a day should ensure students stay on track.

What happens if students don’t attend classes regularly?

It’s really important students have full attendance – if they miss out on work it can be very difficult to catch up and can really jeopardise their chances of success. Poor attendance might also jeopardise any student loans or allowances they might be entitled to.

If I’ve got worries about my family member’s studies, who can I talk to?

First off have a chat with one of our Student Enrolment Advisors – however remember that coming to course is your family member’s responsibility and we can’t give out specific information about them without their prior written permission.

What can students do if they don’t get along with their tutor or another staff member?

The best way to deal with the situation is for the student to try and resolve the problem by discussing it directly with the individual staff member.  However, if they don’t feel comfortable doing this, one of our Student Enrolment Advisors will be happy to help.

Does NZMA have any clubs or groups that students can join?

We have a variety of groups that might be of interest, such as Kapa Haka and Student Council Group. Becoming involved in campus life makes for a more enriching experience at NZMA, so encourage them to participate. 

How do students get to and from campus?

All NZMA campuses are well-located for public transport, and students may be entitled to travel discounts. Check the individual campus pages for more details.

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