Julieanne Kepa

Success Stories
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"I’ve got all the skills I need for my job from NZMA."

What did you do before you came to NZMA?
I left school in Year 12 this year, and my cousin suggested I look into what NZMA had to offer me. I liked what I saw and I enrolled.

What did you learn during your time at NZMA?
In my Hospitality programme, I learnt how to work in a team environment, while learning barista, customer service and organisation skills.

How did you feel coming to NZMA?
I felt excited because enrolling in the programme gave me some direction. I’ve now made some good friends here and I want to continue learning so I will have more opportunities to find different jobs in the future.

What are you doing now?
I’m working at McDonald’s which I’m really enjoying. 

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