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Pharmacy technician credits NZMA for her success

Success Stories
Auckland Central
Christine Dejando - Article Image

Christine Dejando was drawn to healthcare to help people, however the pathway to education hasn’t been straightforward – that was until she enrolled at NZMA.

She graduated with a Level 5 Certificate in Pharmacy Technician – setting her up for a rewarding career to ensure people can access the medicines they need for a high standard of life.

Christine shared: “I had done two years of a nursing degree and decided to take a break before my last year. I knew I enjoyed studying health, and helping people, so I found a job in a pharmacy. I loved it!”

After starting her studies with Open Polytech, Christine found it difficult to get the support she needed as the pharmacy she was employed at was preoccupied with interns. So, the switch was made to full time study at NZMA made the process to gaining her qualification faster.

“NZMA teach best practice so I learned the right way to do things – and the reasons why we do things this way.  I also really enjoyed learning in-depth about medicines.”

One of her course highlights was completing a work placement at a fast-paced hospital pharmacy.

Christine ended up securing a senior technician role at Parkside Pharmacy in Auckland – a unique site mainly catering to rest homes.

“It’s situated in a high-rise building in Auckland city, so we don’t see any customers face-to-face.  Instead, we liaise directly with doctors and nurses about their patients.”

From processing prescriptions, dispensing medicines and making aseptic products everyday provides Christine with new learning opportunities.

Her commitment to lifelong learning is evident with a level 6 qualification and the title of Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technician in her sights.

Christine’s advice to others is to “just keep going.”

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