Pratima from India excels in education to become a nurse

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Coming from a background as a lead analyst in renowned companies, such as Convergys, Hewitt and IBM Daksh in India, Pratima Rai embarked on her New Zealand journey in healthcare. Her innate ability to connect with people led her to take on a role as a care partner at a retirement home, confirming her passion for healthcare and her aspiration to become a registered nurse.

To pursue her dream career, Pratima enrolled in the Level 4 Certificate in Nursing Career Preparation at NZMA. Supported by the approachable teachers on campus, she was able to adapt to the New Zealand tertiary education system, laying the groundwork for her pursuit of a Bachelor of Nursing degree, a prerequisite for becoming a registered nurse in New Zealand.

Reflecting on her education journey, Pratima acknowledges the initial apprehension from her family about her decision to pursue further studies. However, her dedication and focus soon dispelled their concerns, affirming her commitment to her goals.

"NZMA has not only equipped me with the necessary academic structure but has also bolstered my confidence in my educational capabilities," Pratima shares.

Participating in NZMA's Wellbeing Month in November 2023 proved particularly beneficial, offering her invaluable insights into the nursing profession through interactions with qualified nurses at Auckland City Hospital.

"Engaging with fellow students and receiving practical advice on academic and on-the-job success affirmed my path and motivated me to strive harder towards my goal of becoming a registered nurse," Pratima notes.

Amidst workforce shortages in the New Zealand health sector, Pratima advocates for greater awareness among schools and tertiary providers about the diverse career opportunities available at hospitals, health centres and clinics that extend beyond nursing. She emphasises the multitude of allied care roles available, encompassing aged care, rehabilitation, and more.

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