Nursing pathway for aspiring midwife

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Jannet Singh - Cropped

As the oldest of her siblings, Jannet Singh has always taken on the caregiver role. Before her younger sisters were born, Jannet would give her mother massages, cook food and help with housework.

It’s unsurprising that Jannet has found herself in midwifery; a profession dedicated to helping women and families as they ease into parenthood.

For Jannet, it was important to master foundational soft skills before pursuing a midwifery qualification at Auckland University of Technology. This drew her to NZMA where she gained a Level 4 Pre-Nursing Pathway qualification. Her studies allowed her to master problem-solving, communication skills and gain a greater understanding of essential health concepts.

With an unmistakable sense of compassion, Jannet is sure make a positive impact on many lives in her future role as a midwife.

Jannet’s story was featured in The UP 100 – a compelling showcase of the transformative role of education in shaping the lives, passions and pursuits of learners. To read the publication, visit the UP Education website.

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