A shift from unfulfilling jobs to healthcare passion

Success Stories
Mitch - NZMA pre-nursing

Fuelled by a yearning for meaningful work, Mitch Fowler’s choice to pursue a health qualification with NZMA marked a significant departure from unfulfilling jobs.

Inspired by his midwife sister, the 27-year-old embarked on a career path aimed at making a meaningful impact on people's lives, starting his Level 4 Certificate in Nursing Career Preparation programme with NZMA in April.

NZMA Wellbeing Month (1-30 November), which comprised activities for students to familiarise themselves with the health sector, was a key motivator for Mitch. Visiting theatre operating nurses provided valuable insights and instilled the courage to pursue his healthcare career.

As Mitch progressed through his studies, his conviction that health was the right career path strengthened. Standout accomplishments, including consistently maintaining the highest attendance and receiving an award for positive energy, underscored his remarkable personal transformation and dispelled any doubts about his capabilities.

Mitch's family, especially his mother, played a crucial role in shaping his drive for success, emphasizing the importance of stepping out of one's comfort zone and cultivating a strong work ethic.

Expressing gratitude for NZMA, Mitch commended the tertiary provider for imparting essential knowledge and fostering an environment where students feel free to seek guidance.

Mitch's advice to future healthcare professionals is straightforward yet powerful:

“The intricacies of the human body are truly remarkable, it’s hard not to be engaged with the healthcare profession once you start studying it.”

“At times it might feel like there’s a lot to learn or that maybe you don’t quite understand, but never stop trying and never shy away from asking questions.”

Looking forward, Mitch is resolute in his pursuit of a Bachelor of Nursing degree and his contribution to society as a healthcare professional. His future goals mirror his dedication and passion for making a difference in others' lives, showcasing a remarkable success story at NZMA.

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