Certificate in Supporting Diverse Learners (Level 4)

New Zealand Certificate in Supporting Individuals with Specific Learning Disabilities
40 weeks (part-time)OnlineInternationalPart-time

In a diverse and inclusive society like Aotearoa New Zealand, recognising and addressing diverse learning needs is essential. This qualification is your gateway to becoming a crucial part of the solution. 

By studying this course, you'll gain the skills to develop personalised educational strategies and interventions that cater to each student's unique needs, ensuring they receive the best possible education. 

This programme opens doors to higher-level qualifications, enabling you to further specialise in teaching individuals with specific learning disabilities.  

Graduates of this program will work hand-in-hand with individuals and their whānau, forming a cohesive unit that supports development under the guidance of an SLD professional or teacher. 

Drive meaningful change in the lives of those with diverse learning needs and enrol today.  

  • You will learn:

  • To recognise diverse learning needs, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and the wider neurodiverse family including ADHD, Autism, and more. 

  • How to implement effective support strategies individuals with SLDs. 

  • To embrace a holistic and culturally sensitive approach to learning support. 

  • How to create personalised intervention plans based on individual needs. 

Course start dates

We only have part-time intakes left for the rest of 2024. Stay tuned to our website for the release of 2025 dates which are coming soon.



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Sep 23, 2024