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Certificate in Carpentry Trade Skills
(Level 3)

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New Zealand Certificate in Construction Trade Skills (Level 3) (Carpentry strand)
32 weeksFree Study

Move ahead in Trades for FREE! 2022 is your last chance to study our construction course for FREE, and you’ll get a guaranteed apprenticeship when you graduate!*

With a focus on carpentry, this course aims to arm you with the basic carpentry skills and knowledge you need so you can enter the workforce ready to embark on an apprenticeship. You'll gain lots of basic skills about timber-framed construction, including tools and machinery, and developing practical trades skills.

You'll get hands-on experience at our purpose built trades campuses building a prefabricated timber sleepout and even a two bedroom home. You will also learn about the building industry, and the role of contractors and sub-contractors.

Learn about timber-framed construction, the principles of construction and all the fundamentals to build a house - foundations, framing, roof framing, exterior cladding, interior lining and trim 

This is a full-time study programme to achieve 120 credits, and you can continue with your apprenticeship training to achieve the Level 3 qualification. 

*A construction apprenticeship will be provided to a student who meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • Enrols in a Certificate in Carpentry Trade Skills (Level 3) at NZMA starting in July or August 2022; and

  • Subsequently successfully completes and graduates from that course.

This apprenticeship is not transferable in any respect and does not result in receiving any financial benefit from NZMA.

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  • You will learn:

  • About the building industry, and the role of contractors and sub-contractors.  

  • Construction core skills and best practice

  • Safe use of hand and power tools, and safe working procedures on construction sites (so you'll be ready to start onsite work as soon as you graduate)

  • Workplace health and safety

  • Workplace communications and timekeeping requirements for construction sites

  • Learn how to interpret and use project specifications and drawings to complete simple construction projects

  • How to complete simple building calculations 

  • Construction installation and application processes

  • Carpentry project 

  • Learn for FREE. This course is part of the government's Targeted Training & Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF)

Course start dates

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Aug 8, 2022
Oct 10, 2022
Feb 6, 2023
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