Press Release - New Diploma for NZMA Waikato

Press Release - New Diploma for NZMA Waikato

Tuesday 19 June

Tertiary study options for Hamiltonians have just been given a boost.  From next month, NZMA’s Waikato Academy will offer the National Diploma in Hospitality Management.  This is the first time the academy has delivered a diploma-level programme.  Academy Manager Marama Tahapehi says it will be a welcome addition to the well-respected certificate courses NZMA Waikato already offers.

“We are all very excited about the new programme.  It is something many of our students have been requesting, as they are keen to staircase onto further study with us.  This new course will address their need for higher-level learning,” says Marama.

The two year NZQA-accredited diploma kicks off on July 23.  It aims to fine-tune practical skills and give students a sound knowledge of operations management and systems management within the hospitality industry.  Topics covered include food safety, bar and beverage service, HR, food and beverage matching, the Sale of Liquor Act, employment skills and much more.  The first year of the programme encompasses Levels 3 and 4 and the second year is Level 5 and 6, with a new intake starting every five weeks. 

“There has been a great response from current students, potential students and even past students to the new course.  In fact three or four students who had graduated from NZMA and are now working, have left their jobs to start back with us for our first intake in order to improve their long-term career prospects.”

NZMA Waikato began to offer higher level qualifications last July when it introduced the Level 5 Certificate in Supervision.  The course proved so popular that further study options were soon being considered.
But that’s not the only news from NZMA Waikato!  The academy is also now accepting international students for the first time.

“We expect the National Diploma of Hospitality Management to be very popular with international students.  The Waikato is becoming an increasingly appealing place for international students and their families – there are now a lot of international communities within the region,” says Marama.

“We are very excited about welcoming international students to our academy and I believe we are a very good fit for them, particularly because of the supportive, one-on-one environment we can offer here.   It will also be a wonderful opportunity for our domestic students to learn about other nationalities and embrace cultural diversity.

“NZMA staff are incredibly committed to their jobs, and their students.  They are passionate about changing lives and contributing in a meaningful way to their community, and I think international students – just like our domestic students - will thrive in this environment.”