Press Release - NZMA Chosen For Korean Government Scholarship Programme

Press Release - NZMA Chosen For Korean Government Scholarship Programme

Thursday 17 May

NZMA has teamed up with the Korean Government to give young Koreans the chance to study and work abroad.

Twenty students started their one-year National Diploma in Business at NZMA’s Auckland Central Academy recently, as part of the Korean government’s International Scholarship Programme.  A large number of training providers from all over the country applied to participate, however NZMA was one of just a handful selected.

NZMA’s Korea Market Manager, Jun Kim, says the Korean government was impressed by NZMA’s quality, reputation and job placement success rate.

“The government chooses three to five training institutes in New Zealand each year.  Before making their selection they carefully check and assess each one, and compare them all.  A lot of different providers are looked at and the application and selection process is incredibly thorough, but we have worked in Korea for a number of years and believe the investment is important in support of our partnerships within the Korean community, both onshore and offshore,” he says.

The scholarship programme has been running for three years and has already given thousands of Korean nationals the experience of a lifetime.

“This is a pretty unique scheme.  Every year, the government spends millions of dollars sending people overseas to gain an international education followed by some work experience.  The Korean government is a strong advocate of overseas study as it provides innumerable benefits for the country’s young citizens – and ultimately for Korea itself. 

“Not only do the scholarships enable students to immerse themselves in another culture, but studying in an English-speaking country markedly improves their English language skills.  This, along with the international work experience they gain while they are away, is highly valued back in Korea.  There is no doubt the international experience will improve their long-term employment prospects when they get back home.”

The scholarships are organised by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea, which is a government agency under the umbrella of Korea’s Ministry of Employment and Labor.  Any young Korean who wants to have an overseas experience can apply for one of the scholarships, which contributes to their overseas tuition fees.  If successful, they also need to meet each institute’s academic and English requirements.

Other countries participating in the scheme include Japan, China, Australia and Canada, as well as some parts of Europe and the Middle East.  This is the second time NZMA has been selected – last year five scholarship students completed their National Diploma in Business at NZMA Auckland Central.

The scholarship students currently studying at NZMA are aged between 20 and 40. Within a month of starting their course three of them had already secured part-time employment in Auckland.  After completing their NZMA studies they will take advantage of the services of Redfish, NZMA’s employment specialist team, in order to gain full-time employment in New Zealand and make the most of their one-year graduate-work-search-visas.

“They are all having a fantastic time so far and are learning a huge amount – both inside the classroom and out,” says Jun.