Press Release - Degree Pathways to America for NZMA Students

Press Release - Degree Pathways to America for NZMA Students

Thursday 16 February

New Zealand Management Academies (NZMA) is delighted to advise it now offers direct pathways to universities across America for its BTEC business and hospitality diploma graduates.

This exciting opportunity is the result of a new partnership with World Education Group (WEgroup), a US-based education company.  WEgroup works with American universities to earn recognition, develop pathways and manage the admissions process for Edexcel Higher National Diploma (HND) graduates.

NZMA students who gain their Edexcel (BTEC) Higher National Diplomas in Business or Hospitality now have the option of heading to Southern New Hampshire University (near Boston), Tiffin University in Ohio or Western New England University in Massachusetts to complete their bachelor degrees.  The students can fast-track their studies with up to 48 credits towards their American degree course.

NZMA Director of Business Development and International Business, Mark Worsop, says having pathways to the US for NZMA students is a huge draw card.

“The USA is the number one destination for export education in the world, so to have these pathways is quite significant,” he says.

“This new arrangement confirms specific pathways directly from NZMA to a range of universities in America.  This significantly broadens the options and opportunities for our students.  Although some international students head straight to the US for all of their studies, many students don’t have the grades to get in there directly.  Now they can come to NZMA to start their studies and benefit from our small class sizes, extra tutorial support and employment support.  They can then finish off their studies in America.”

The new pathways reflect the excellent reputation NZMA courses have internationally.  They also demonstrate the strong commitment the provider has to giving its students as many options as possible for higher-level studies around the globe.

Director of Consulting and Institutional Services for WEgroup, Chaney Kourouniotis, says NZMA is the first New Zealand training provider the group has worked with.

“We quickly determined that NZMA would be an excellent location to pilot the programme as it offers a good variety of HND coursework and also lacks the language barrier that frequently causes problems for international transfer students to the US,” says Chaney.

“We have 67 partner universities across America.  At the moment three of those accept HND credits, however that number is expected to grow significantly.  We are currently working with about a dozen additional partner universities, who are each in different stages of the course mapping process.  We anticipate we will be able to announce three to five more pathways in time for the fall 2012 academic term, with more to come thereafter.”
Chaney says despite the rise to prominence of other countries around the world, the United States is still the most popular and respected destination for higher education.

“Our unique university system emphasizes critical thinking and communication skills in addition to mastery of a particular subject. This creates graduates who are not only familiar with their field, but are well prepared to adapt to changes in it, and to innovate. The US emphasis on original thought in the classroom creates not just subject matter experts, but leaders.”

With possible changes to visa laws looking likely, Chaney says opportunities in the US for international graduates are looking bright.

“Our current government recognises the immense value that international students bring to the United States. The administration is actively working to change outmoded US visa laws that force students to return to their home countries immediately after graduation from university. If they succeed, then the US education is a gateway not just to success in the home country, but also a potential ticket to life in the United States—still a land of immense opportunity.”