Press Release - NZMA Students Raise Their Sights

Press Release - NZMA Students Raise Their Sights

Wednesday 21 September

New Zealand Management Academies is now offering Level 5 qualifications for the first time ever at its Auckland West and Waikato Academies.

Until recently these academies only offered Level 2, 3 and 4 courses however an increasing number of students had expressed their desire to continue their studies to a higher level at NZMA.

NZMA Director of New Zealand Students and Academic Director Nimi Kaur said as their studies progressed, students often gained the confidence they needed to move onto higher qualifications.  They also set their sights on better employment opportunities.

“The supportive environment provided by both the academic and non-academic staff at NZMA often makes students aware of their own potential and the possibilities that lie ahead once they gain a qualification.  They begin to understand that they are more likely to be successful in employment if they achieve qualifications at a higher level,” said Nimi.

“What’s more, they realise they will receive more opportunities for continued employment and workplace promotion as a result of holding these higher qualifications.”

Until recently students wanting to staircase through to Level 5 programmes had to transfer to NZMA’s Auckland Central and Auckland South Academies, or other local institutions.  However after a significant amount of feedback from learners at Auckland West and Waikato, NZMA introduced the Certificate in Supervision Level 5 in July.
The 20-week course teaches students a broad range of practical business skills such as conducting meetings, managing projects, recruiting staff and supervising workplace operations.  The programme is particularly suited to people who are entering the workforce in business related roles, aspiring to middle management and supervisory positions and also those wishing to extend their business skills.

The introduction of NZMA’s Certificate of Supervision has been a blessing for mother of four, Monique Peihopa.  Monique completed the Levels 3 and 4 hospitality programmes at NZMA Waikato – but with her sights set on opening her own hospitality establishment, she knew that further knowledge and qualifications would be required.

“I am really enjoying the course, and it is very practical, which is great.  When you come back into study as an adult, you can feel a little bit reluctant.  Initially I had reservations – but after the first week I loved it and felt like part of the furniture here! 

“This qualification will help my partner and I get a step closer to turning our dream into reality.  I am hoping that the Waikato Academy will also be offering the Level 5 Diploma in Hospitality Management by the time I finish this course.  If so, I’ll definitely stay on at NZMA and gain that qualification too.”

And it looks like she might be in luck.

NZMA Auckland South and Auckland West Academy Manager Nishat Elavia said the provider’s long-term goal was definitely to offer diplomas in business and hospitality management in West Auckland and the Waikato.

“Offering Level 5 across all our academies is a great step forward for us.  We will probably deliver the Certificate in Supervision for at least two or three cycles before we take the next step, but it is certainly part of our plan,” said Nishat.