Press Release - Hospitality Partnership with DCT Swiss University

Press Release - Hospitality Partnership with DCT Swiss University

Thursday 9 September

It is universally recognised that Switzerland is one of the world leaders in hotel and hospitality management training. 

Now, thanks to a new partnership with top Swiss university DCT, NZMA hospitality graduates have the opportunity to study and gain paid internships in this world-famous ‘home of hospitality’. 

DCT University Centre is located near the Swiss city of Lucerne.  Together with their on-campus partner Lynn University, DCT offers a choice of accredited hospitality and culinary programmes including a top-ranked US Bachelor Degree and an MBA or Post-graduate Diploma.

This is the first USA Awarded Degree pathway ever offered by NZMA and it gives NZMA’s Level 6 Diploma in Hospitality Management graduates guaranteed admission to DCT.  Our graduates will have advanced standing to earn both a US Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management from Lynn University’s Switzerland Programme and a DCT Swiss Advanced Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management.  And all this within an accelerated time frame of as little as one year, depending on the student’s major and grades.  These students will also be given the opportunity to gain paid work experience in a Swiss hospitality operation.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for any student who is interested in gaining an internationally recognised degree in hospitality and/or who wishes to gain more international work experience as they progress in their studies,” says NZMA’s Director of New Business and Product Development Mark Worsop.

Students who take advantage of the new pathway will eventually graduate with multiple internationally recognised qualifications plus work experience in two countries (New Zealand and Switzerland).  This will undoubtedly add significant value to their CVs and provide a solid foundation for an exciting career in the hospitality industry.

“International work experience is important to hospitality students’ development because it enables them to build a broad base of skills and be exposed to a wide range of practices that may not be common in their home countries.  Like NZMA, DCT encourages and assists students in finding suitable placements for paid Swiss internships so that they can gain valuable work experience early on in their careers.”

DCT has a Career Centre which assists graduating students with international placement free of charge.  They also host regular Career Fairs that bring top international organisations to the DCT campus to recruit graduates.

“While experience in New Zealand will be invaluable, the ability to work in two countries and to gain internationally recognised qualifications from not only NZ, but also the UK, the USA and Switzerland will be hugely advantageous.”
DCT is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, earned designation as an ‘Exemplary Program’ by the American Culinary Federation and is a member of the Swiss Hotel Schools Association.