NZMA Business Students Hosted by University of Auckland

NZMA Business Students Hosted by University of Auckland

Monday 15 April

15 April 2019  Students from the NZMA programme Diploma in Applied Management Level 7 were treated to an early breakfast meeting hosted by University of Auckland Business School last week, to learn about “How Blockchain is Transforming the Supply Chain”.

Alex Sims, blockchain researcher at the University of Auckland Business School and Semanie Cato, Head of Business Development for TrackBack, part of the Centrality ecosystem, gave an excellent presentation on blockchain’s features that makes it so promising for a number of industries’ supply chains, and its potential to transform the supply of goods and services, and its uses in the supply chain context.

Alex is an assistant investigator on a project funded by BRANZ on blockchain in the construction industry, and in 2018 was part of a team that released a report funded by the Law Foundation on the Regulating Cryptocurrencies in New Zealand.

Both gave a compelling case for integrating Block Chain in Supply Chain Management, and that by doing so will mitigate against fraud, save time and money, and much more.

This event was a collaboration between The Centre for Supply Chain Management, Executive Education and the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, CIPS.

NZMA Tutor Liz McGill said, “This was a good opportunity to reinforce work we are currently undertaking in the class on supply chain risk, agility and transparency in the supply chain; a discussion we will continue in the coming weeks.”