Hear from the Employers at the 2018 NZMA Careers Expo

Hear from the Employers at the 2018 NZMA Careers Expo

Thursday 20 September


“Madison is New Zealand’s largest Kiwi owned recruitment company, and we specialise in business support, contact centre and industrial. This is the first time I’ve attended an NZMA Careers Expo. It’s about getting our brand out there and letting people know we are here to support them. We have talked to lots of trades students today who will soon be finishing their courses and are looking at the apprenticeship side of things. So far about 50 people have come through, so the next step is getting them to register and bringing them in for interviews. The calibre of students is better than I thought it would be, because they are doing the trade already and know where their career is leading to. They know what they want, and they want to work.



“This is the first time we have attended this event. NZMA has health students and we are looking to talk to people about possible pathways into palliative care nursing. We don’t employ people below the level of registered nurse. Given the complexity of the nursing we do, at this stage it’s more about planting a seed. We also make contact with people who are interested in volunteering as a way of getting work experience. NZMA also has retail students and we have a retail arm in what we do, which helps to fund the Hospice service. A lot of the students we’ve spoken to today already know about Hospice because they have family members who have used our services.
“The NZMA Careers Expo is very well organised and I think it’s a great event. We have spoken to a lot of interesting people today and that’s always valuable.”



“Evolve has around 130 early childhood centres from Warkworth down to Invercargill under various brands. For us, the NZMA Careers Expo is a great way to build on our temporary pool, because you don’t need to be qualified. It’s also a good way to build on our brand. This event has been very worthwhile. It’s about encouraging NZMA’s Early Childhood Education students and showing them possible career paths. It’s a chance to introduce them to our brand and even though they are not yet qualified, they can still get relieving work with us. The calibre of students today is really good, which is very encouraging. NZMA students are always a lot of fun!
“We also have opportunities for students who are not studying ECE. For example, we have business admin roles at our centres, and we also have cooks. Opportunities like these could be a good fit for NZMA business and cookery students who really love children.”



“We work closely with NZMA, and today we are particularly keen to look at call centre candidates, as we have a contact centre based in Auckland’s CBD. So far, we’ve had a lot of Level 4 students come through and chat to us – we’ve had some really promising candidates that we would love to join us. But these roles are not just confined to those studying contact centre. Even NZMA’s retail students or those with an interest in customer service could be good. We are always looking for people that are good and we recruit every quarter. At the moment we are recruiting for an October start which is not far away. The NZMA Careers Fair is definitely a good opportunity for us, and it is worthwhile to be here.”



“We are here to promote our hotel and get the interaction going with our young people. Currently we have several vacancies in Rotorua and one in Auckland, but we are growing and have new hotels coming up in the Christchurch CBD, Auckland CBD and Kaikoura, so there are a lot more opportunities on the horizon. We came to the Expo last year and found it really valuable. Today I’ve talked to lots of good students, and we will definitely be hiring someone as a result of this event. I really like the atmosphere here. It’s good for the students and really encourages young people to get out into the workforce. It also gives students the chance to talk to a wide variety of employers. It’s important for them to not just limit their options to one place. I encourage them to talk to all the exhibitors, as they need to find the right fit.”


“This is the first time we’ve had a stand at the NZMA Careers Expo, and it’s a good opportunity to talk to young people about the services we provide, especially around mental health. A lot of people only know us for our phone line, so it’s good to be able to tell them about all the other things we do. We didn’t come here with the aim of recruiting, but surprisingly we have met a lot of students today who are interested in volunteering on our phone lines and at events, which is so cool to see. They want to contribute to their communities. We really weren’t anticipating that people would be enquiring about jobs and volunteering, it has been a really nice surprise.
“This event is really cool. Youth need stuff like this. Everyone here is very positive, they are looking for jobs, and are excited about their futures. It’s cool that NZMA supports them so well by putting on buses from the campuses, even from Hamilton! NZMA Careers have looked after us very well today. We’ll definitely be back next year.”


“We always really look forward to coming to this fantastic event, and this year has proven to be just as worthwhile and successful as ever. We have an abundance of enthusiastic and impressive students coming through.” 


“The Star is an integrated resort company, owning and operating three companies in Australia - the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney. We currently have a team of 8000 and we expect that to grow to 16,000 by 2022. I was doing some research online and found out about the NZMA Careers Expo, so we decided to fly over for it. We’re looking at graduates who would be keen to move to Australia. We will be opening the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane and want to recruit staff from all over the world. NZMA has both international and domestic students studying culinary and F&B, so it is a good fit for us.
“This event has definitely been worth crossing the Tasman for. It’s been good to show students here that there are some exciting opportunities for them overseas, and hopefully in the future we’ll be able to partner with NZMA for internships. We’ve had a lot of interest from students today, we’ve talked to a lot of people, and we’ve found some great candidates. The students here are all super keen. They might not have all the experience yet but they’re keen, and that is what we want. We are a growing company and we want people who can grow with us. As long as they have the passion, we can help them with the rest. We are building our talent for the future, and an event like this is very worthwhile.”



“This is the second time we’ve attended the NZMA Careers Expo, and this time it’s even busier than last time. We are seeing more trades and electrical students coming through today which is great. We are currently recruiting for a couple of entry level roles, and we are often looking for apprentices and entry-level staff that we can train up. This is a good way for us to recruit, and also to get more exposure for our company. We’ve been around for over 30 years, but a lot of people still don’t really know us. We are a growing company. We have 950 employees nationwide and we want to recruit the best. I have found a couple of great candidates today. The calibre is very high – even better than last year. The students here are well presented, have the relevant skills and study background, and the right attitude. We’re very keen to get a couple of the students we’ve met today in for interviews, and I’m very hopeful that we’ll be able to offer them roles.”


“We’ve been to the NZMA Careers Expo before. Today has been really good. It’s a great turnout. It’s really valuable to meet the students face-to-face. It cuts down a lot of time spent on recruitment. Usually we do phone screens but by having the chance to meet all these candidates face-to-face, it means I can skip the phone screens and put them straight through to managers for interviews. I see so many CVs, but this event gives us the chance to see the face behind the paper. It really makes a difference. Currently we’re recruiting for a range of roles, including concierge, food & beverage attendants, and room attendants. I’ve met some great candidates here today and have already lined up interviews for the rest of the week. I should have lined up about six interviews by the end of today. One of the aspects that really stands out here is the students’ attitudes. They may not have all the experience yet, but their attitude towards work is excellent. They are all eager and genuinely want to pursue a career in hospitality. It’s nice to see. In the hotel we can train people, but we can’t teach them drive and personality.”