Building communities through nutritious & delicious food

Building communities through nutritious & delicious food

Thursday 22 March

 22 March 2018 –  NZMA student kitchens are buzzing with busy hands in preparation for the Kai Pai Kai Rotorua lunches being produced every Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.

Kai Pai Kai Rotorua Charitable Trust is a new school lunch service in Rotorua, that is working to make healthy food affordable and easy to access.  NZMA is contributing enthusiastic students that work in teams of five providing voluntary support by helping with food preparation and learning about food management and storage, food safety and safe hygiene practices.

Sandy McClay, Head of Faculty at NZMA Rotorua Campus says, “I believe that this is a win win situation where the students are able to complete their food safety certificate, while supporting Kai Pai Kai Rotorua and giving back to our tamariki in the community.  It also teaches our students life skills and to be able to provide healthy meals on their own dinner table”.

Sandy added, “It’s fantastic training, skills practice and discipline for our students, plus they feel they are helping their local community too”.

Students learn about creating nutritious and delicious food, and understand the importance of delivering healthy lunches to those less fortunate.

Grace Walker, a current NZMA student studying (insert course) says, “Kai Pai Kai Rotorua has provided us with an opportunity to learn through preparing nourishing meals for schools, some of which our family members attend and this adds personal value to our training.”

NZMA is a well-established and leading hospitality management school, and plans to be part of the Rotorua community for a long time.   Partnering with local charities is important and invaluable experience for our students.

Currently students working on the Kai Pai Kai are studying the New Zealand Certificate in Food and Beverage Service, Level 2 and 3 programmes which take six months to complete. They will cover everything from from barista training, food preparation, customer service and making non-alcoholic beverages, to baking, food costing and tourism.

Sandy continued, “Rotorua is a top tourism destination for New Zealand, and our community is the basis of this special place.  We look to provide the hospitality skills to our students so they can ensure tourists and locals have a memorable time in our town.”