Commitment creates recipe for success

Commitment creates recipe for success

Tuesday 4 March

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New Zealand’s education sector is characterised by a number of Private Training Establishments and tertiary institutions, which have over the years gained popularity by offering courses and programmes to meet the market demand and needs of the economy.
NZMA, which opened a new Campus at Sylvia Park (56 Carbine Road) on February 17, 2014, is a good example of an institution of expanding its horizons to cater to the growing interest in hospitality management.

Impressive Campus

The purpose-built Campus, with its first exclusive Cookery School, complete with a commercial kitchen and restaurant, will be a boon to at least 400 students in its inaugural phase, with the target of moving up to 700 and 1000 students in due course. The Campus also offers Hospitality Management courses and a limited edition for students keen to pursue Business Management. Details of the Campus appear under Educationlink.
Two Deputy Campus Principals, both of Indian origin, are keen to ensure quality learning and teaching and their commitment to quality is driven towards greater student achievements.
Jabir Kaur and Nishat Elavia believe that the objectives of NZMA are well matched in its three well-appointed campuses (the other two located at Otahuhu (12 Gordon Road) in South Auckland and Hamilton (Level 2, Tower Building, Central Place Mall).
According to them, the Sylvia Park Campus has been created with the right environment and facilities to enable students to have hands-on experience in various aspects of cooking. The purpose-built restaurant will not only serve as a place for dining for students and staff but also an ideal avenue to practice restaurant management,” they said.

Jasbir Kaur

Those watching ‘Good Morning Show’ on TV One will recognise Jasbir (Jas) Kaur as the presenter of the cooking segment. As well as demonstrating preparation of a range of food items, her recipes appearing on the TVNZ website are considered a valuable resource for chefs and those evincing even a passing interest in cooking.

Born in India, Jas has worked as a chef and consultant in hotels in many parts of the world, including UK and US. She writes food blogs, recipes and books, appears as a guest speaker on radio and has a penchant for French cuisine. 
Her academic qualifications include a Diploma in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management, a Degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Huddersfield (UK). 
Prior to joining NZMA as the chief of Cookery Programmes and the NZMA café, Jas was the Culinary Arts Head of Department at the Professional Bar & Restaurant School, winner of the Indian Newslink Business Excellence in Export Business to India for three consecutive years (2010 to 2012).

Nishat Elavia

As the Deputy Campus Principal in charge of Hospitality Programme, 
Nishat Elavia has the experience of sailing in smooth and rough waters, an ability that he gained during his employment at P & O Cruises (UK) and Carnival Cruises (USA). Dedication and pursuit of excellence saw his rise in his career as a Floor Supervisor, Assistant Housekeeping and Rooms Services Manager serving in liners with rooms ranging from 370 rooms to 1000 rooms, catering to 300 to 3000 guests.

Born and raised in India, Nishat has a Diploma in Hotel Management and a Higher Diploma from International Hotel Management located at Lucerne, Switzerland.
Migrating to New Zealand in 2002, he launched his career in teaching at NZMA and since then has undertaken several responsibilities.
“The PTE sector in New Zealand is well positioned to meet the vocational training needs of local and international students, preparing them for a global career in hospitality,” Nishat said.
By Venkat Raman 27/02/2014 14:57:00
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