NZMA Careers Puts Students on Path to Success

NZMA Careers Puts Students on Path to Success

Friday 12 July

NZMA has taken its employment service to the next level, with a new name, and a new vision, to ensure students and graduates gain not just jobs, but rewarding careers.

The provider has just launched ‘NZMA Careers’, replacing its previous employment wing, Redfish.  The new brand is part of an on-going focus to drive work readiness across the organisation and to help students transition successfully from the classroom to the workplace.

“The rebrand to NZMA Careers further reinforces to our stakeholders what we are here for and what our students are seeking upon graduation i.e. a pathway to a successful career,” said Director of Business Development and International Business, Mark Worsop.

“Our vision is to support the achievement of sustainable employment and career pathways.  Our revamped employment service is its own entity within NZMA and is more committed than ever to improving the capability of our students and making sure we are well informed about the needs of our industry employers.”

Under the new structure there will be more focus on individual students and more work will be carried out one-on-one with students to help them meet their specific career goals.
In addition to the new name, NZMA Careers has a new team structure aimed at improving and fine-tuning the service NZMA students and graduates receive.  The team will now consist not just of Employment Advisors, but also of Careers Advisors, each with very specific functions.

Employment Advisors will be responsible for helping students develop their CVs and line up work experience and casual work opportunities.  They will be the students’ first port of call within the employment service.

After successfully achieving the required level, students will then be referred to a Careers Advisor, who will work with them to review their individual action plan to meet their longer term career goals, and to look at opportunities for more permanent part-time and full-time employment.

"This new structure is designed around different stages of engagement and will ensure our students are getting the right support based on their level of experience and their qualifications," said Mr Worsop.

"At each stage students will gain a certificate and we will celebrate their progress.  We want our students to see NZMA Careers as aspirational and for them to appreciate every milestone and every achievement as they get closer to their career goals.”