Fully equipped with the latest facilities, NZMA Sylvia Park boasts brand new commercial kitchens, barista stations, a student-run café and spacious restaurant and bar training areas. Thanks to these authentic training environments, NZMA students graduate with real workplace skills and experience. For our business students, up-to-the-minute computer classrooms and a large cyber suite complete the package.

As well as being a great spot for students, this campus is ideally located for graduates. Sylvia Park is Auckland’s new industrial hub and is bursting with industries and businesses looking for well-trained, work-ready employees!

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Courses at our Campus

  • National Certificate in Hospitality (Basic Cookery) Level 3 (NCO553)
    National Certificate in Hospitality (Cookery) Level 4 (NC0554)
    Diploma in Professional Cookery Level 5 (PC2000)
    NZMA Certificate in Hospitality and Employment Skills Level 3 (PC9451)
    National Certificate in Hospitality (Restaurant Service) Level 4 (NC1557)
    Diploma in Hospitality Management Level 5 (PC4032) Diploma in Advanced Hospitality Management Level 6 (112814)
    Diploma in Applied Hospitality Management Level 6 (C03616)
    OPNZ Graduate Diploma in Business Level 7 (Subject to NZQA approval) 


Sylvia Park Campus Location - Where are we?

Ideally located on the doorstep of New Zealand’s biggest shopping complex, we're just a short stroll from the train station and a 20 minute train ride from Auckland’s CBD. Handy to all major bus routes, limited campus parking is also available to students for a small charge (please contact NZMA for more information)

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Sylvia Park Campus Staff

Date Tuesday, 27 January 2015
Welcome to all our new students! Wishing you an awesome first week here at NZMA!
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