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Adel Castillo

 Diploma in Applied Management L

Adel Castillo  | Success Story NZMA

Adel Castillo came to Auckland in 2015 from her home country of Philippines. 

Adel Castillo came to Auckland in 2015 from her home country of Philippines. She studied at NZMA and graduated with a Diploma in Applied Management, Level 7 (Procurement and Supply Chain Management) in March 2016.

Adel is now working in a project management role at network and design management specialists Visionstream in Central Auckland. Adel says the professional training she received at NZMA was an ideal preparation for her job at Visionstream. Her current duties comprise aspects of both Procurement & Supply Chain Management and Project Management and she studied courses in both of these fields as part of the Diploma in Applied Management (Level 7).

Her specific duties are End-to-End Scheduling of Jobs for Build to support the delivery of Construction Projects.  She engages and co-ordinates with functional Design Leads, Project Managers, Field Managers, Records Leads and Contractors to deliver to the Build Program.

Maintenance of high level of customer satisfaction through proactive relationship management and “green” operational performance are also important aspects of her work.



Congratulations Adel!