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Clarice Hill

Clarice Hill | Success Story NZMA

NZMAis the ideal starting point

Tell us about your NZMA experience? 
My experience was very good! My NZMA studies helped me understand what is expected at university for my future studies in midwifery. I learnt a lot staircasing from Level 3 to 4 and have become much more studious! My academic standards have improved significantly, especially my research and writing skills.

What were the tutors like? 
I loved coming to class! All my tutors had such an incredible influence on my learning, and helped me pass the course. They were supportive, encouraging, and always at the ready with helpful advice. I found the classes to be really enjoyable and interesting and they prepared me well for university.

Would you recommend NZMA to other students?   
Yes definitely! For those who are interested in exploring the health sector, and going on to further study, NZMA is the ideal starting point. Studying here will enable you to figure out if health is the right path for you, and if it is, which particular part of the sector are you most suited to.  It will also prepare you well for future studies.