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Merry Mapalo

Certificate in Healthcare Support Level 4

Merry Mapalo | Success Story NZMA

 I am aspiring to become a nurse

What brought you to NZMA?

I am aspiring to become a nurse, however I did not meet the academic criteria to gain acceptance into the Bachelor of Nursing at AUT.  AUT then referred me to NZMA to complete the Level 4 Health programme, in order to prepare me for further health studies.

What did you learn during your time NZMA?

I learnt how to conduct academic research through enquiry-based learning. The assessments challenged me to become more analytical in my thinking – specifically in regards to the health and wellbeing of different individuals and cultures. I also learnt about human anatomy, the relationship of body parts and how they all function together. The tutors at NZMA are very skilled and knowledgeable about the topics they teach. They are kind and patient and genuinely care for each and every student. Our tutors shared their knowledge with us and prepared us well to move into university-level studies.