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Wellssen Odicho

Wellssen Odicho | Success Story NZMA

 Absolutely! I am so happy I came across NZCC.

What have been the most valuable things you’ve learnt at NZMA?

Before I started at NZMA I had no background in health whatsoever! I wasn’t confident in writing essays and reports and I didn’t even know what APA referencing was. Throughout the 20 weeks I absorbed a lot of information about topics including health in New Zealand, human development, and human structure and functions. I also learnt many new academic skills, such as APA referencing, how to write a formal essay and how to write a report. I’m now able to write up my own report or essay and reference efficiently. I see that as a huge improvement from where I was 20 weeks ago.

What were your tutors like?

They kept me motivated throughout the course and encouraged me to never give up. I never believed that I would've been able to do as well as I did during my time at NZMA - this course has taught me to believe in myself. It has given me much more confidence.

Was coming to NZCC a good decision?

Absolutely! I am so happy I came across NZMA, because I truly feel that this course has prepped me really well for university. I learnt many different study techniques and have gained a tonne of health knowledge and academic skills.  I would have really struggled if I’d gone straight to AUT without doing this course. I now feel comfortable to take on paramedicine at AUT!